HackXLR8 Event 2019

23 Registered Allowed team size: 2 - 8

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starts on:
Jun 12, 2019, 03:30 AM
ends on:
Jun 13, 2019, 12:00 PM


Hack in the heart of London Tech Week.

HackXLR8 is back for a third year as part of TechXLR8 at Excel London! Returning as a 2-day hackathon, this year the theme is Enterprise Innovation. The Hack will take place from Wednesday, June 12th to Thursday, June 13th 2019! Team up to create an app, prototype, or push the boundaries of development for the next big thing in IoT, Artificial Intelligence, or Blockchain. If you have the skills or an idea to streamline an enterprise, this challenge is for you!

With that spirit, Skyline Technologies team up with TechXLR8 - HackXLR8 Official Hackathon Event 2019 and invites all developers and hackathon enthusiasts to participate in an interesting and engaging hackathon. If you're a Developer, Marketer, Designer, Data Scientists, or an Idea Generator, what are you waiting for?

Team up in a group of maximum 8 or minimum 2 to compete at London's TechXLR8 official hackathon HackXLR8!

Prize pool:

1st prize: £2.5k plus a 10 Minute Spotlight Presentation and Interview (Worth £12,500) 10-minute Spotlight presentation on Startup Elevate 2020 for the winning team leader to present on the evolution of your product from hackathon onwards and the journey so far Speaker profile included on the agenda and website 3 Minute short-form video interviewing the winning team on the solution during TechXLR8 2019, promoted through social channels

2nd Prize: 1K

On the spot prizes: Startup Premium Package for TechXLR8 2020 (Worth £2,700) 2 Day Showcase Pod in Startup Elevate, TechXLR8 2020 for the winning team to attract investor funding and customer partnerships 1 Entry into Startup Elevate Pitch-Off Competition Access to VIP Meeting Service Unlimited Visitor Passes for your Team Members Logo & Profile on the Startup Elevate Website as a Startup Logo & Profile on the TechXLR8 Website as a Startup Logo Listing in Show Guide

Incubation with DCube Prize: the tech incubator of DECENT DCube is the easiest way to get started in the exciting world of blockchain. By providing mentorship, funding, technical consultations, business development and networking, DCube puts blockchain in your hands to take your project to the next level. More info: dcube-incubator.com

Any questions please contact: admin@skylinetechnologies.co.uk


Internet of Things (IoT)

The way we live our day-to-day lives is perpetually changing with interconnectivity. With our offices, homes, and devices all growing more intelligent, how can an enterprise harness innovation to change the marketplace forever? IoT has transformed the customer experience, now it’s time to see how it can change the world of enterprise.

Artificial Intelligence

Machines are constantly learning, growing more intelligent, pre-empting our decisions to waste less time, and are giving us the information (or service) before we’ve even asked for it. How can this change the way in which organisations operate? How can we harness this technology to improve business processes?


Blockchain is one of the fastest-rising and most fascinating technologies to develop in the modern-day. Understanding records-management is fundamental to the success of so many businesses, and the utilisation of a secure, distributed ledger brings transparency and greater understanding of how organisations source their goods and materials. What opportunity is waiting to be taken? What market unto...

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